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tppp Guest

hey guys i am just curious, do you prefer to fly online or offline. Personally i do get irritated when a VA says it only allows online flying as i only have a limited amount of spare time and still enjoy flying offline as well. just wondering what peoples thought were on the subject.

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pilatflyr First Officer

there's a time and a place. I'll only fly online if I'm home alone. Just so my parents don't have to make me do stuff when I'm on the Miami9 departure! Cool Laughing

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

I've recently become a member of Slipstream VA, and they don't mind if you fly on or offline. Just complete 1 flight per month ( more if you want) and file your Pirep!

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Murfi First Officer

Online is more realistic becuase you actually talk to people. I like both but prefer flying online, although I'm having problems connecting to VATSIM with FSX, so I just use the FSX Multiplayer for now.

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pilatflyr First Officer

that's kinda weird. I haven't flown VATSIM on FSX, but that's good to know. I usually try to avoid flying online for those long hauls. I dont try to be online flying for more than a couple hours or something. It gets annoying after a while. Learned it the hard way. I pretty much lost my voice after that long haul from sfo to hong kong. never doing that online aga Very Happy in

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like said before, it is a little of both. Online offers a realistic approach to flight and it a good way to meet folks. There are times though like Pilatflyr mentioned when it can be I have 3 small kids and when they are being loud, needy 1, 3, & 4 y/o kids...offline offers the magic "pause" and also doesn't have ATC getting mad at you because you have screaming kids drowning out your transmissions...

All depends on your situation I guess....

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