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I heard on the news this morning that some BA planes have radio active chemicals on board, two have been tested and the results were positive and another is being tested in Russia. It's the same chemicals that killed the Russian Spy and few days ago. Although, it's only a little ammount on the planes and is said to be a harmless ammount.

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didn't hear about that. scary. any links?

Munkeh Guest

Tis true, all about an old russian agent who was murdered here in Britian a week or so ago.

Check out bbc news.


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If the Russian Goverment did have anything to do with this then Diplomacy will be strained. However Russia provides many resourses meaning I very much doubt the UK or Europe could actually do anything. Upsetting Russia is the last thing Europe would want to do.

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lenin First Officer

an ex russian politician died in Dublin today from "un natural sources". They might be connected, who knows, Diplomats must be going mad. If Russia is to blame then what the hell were they thinking! This is almost a terrorist attcak on mainland Britain. People could die!

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I think it could be somebody who doesn't like Russians...

7dream8liner7 Guest

... or mabe George Bush and Tony Blaire conspired with other members of the government because they don't like Russians. 🙄

ANYWAY, I hope they find the source of this soon, or BA will lose business.

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I don't know. I watched the news again last night and it was discussing if the effected Russians, one was a sy and one was an ex Priminister, they need to know if it's link, all three planes that have had this chemical found where from Moscow.

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