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It seems so empty.....

murjax Guest

pokey1694 wrote:

It seems so empty without Liono and CrashGordon and all of the other people who left. Has solotwo left cuz i havent seen him around latly.

It is such a shame that Liono and CrashGordon left because they were nice. As far as Solotwo goes, he was part of the problem so having him leave might settle things down. I wish we could all just be friends and not have people leaving like this. Sad

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pilatflyr First Officer

I've seen solotwo's posts around lately (i think) but I'm not sure. It's definantly settled things down a little bit

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Karlw Chief Captain

Very sad we need to stop the fight our forum has been destroyed and yet we continue if I see that the forum is unfixable I might leave or just pop my head in every now and again Crying or Very sad

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