ATC canceling my flight WTF???

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I was being vectored in for landing just now and ATC decided to cancel my flight. I was not ignoring them I was doing everything they said.

This really has pissed me off at the end of a perfect flight..

Time to invest in Radar Contact.. can somebody tell me how RC works. Does it just work over the top of MS ATC or is it more complex to use?

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Radar Contact is a seperate program altogether. It won't overwrite the default atc, so you can still use that. Radar Contact is only for IFR flights.

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to_coolguys First Officer happens..sometimes it is because we have not acknowledged the instruction which happens at times because the ATC box disappears from the screen and ATC has given some instructions for us to acknowledge and follow..ATC has given you the vectors but have they cleared you for landing...

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I had the same thing just now, was about quater of way through flight and it got cancelled...I just followed gps but anooying all the same.

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