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Hi guys,
Major problem with FSX here but I think it's only relevant in certain parameters. Whenever I start a flight at Glasgow airport in the UK it can be fine for about 4 - 5 mins, still on the ground then I use shift + 5 to bring up the overhead panel then parts of the screen go black and flicker for about 5 seconds then there is this really fast repeating noise that lasts about 2 secs then the whole computer restarts, no error messages or anything.

I tested this at Edinburgh airport and nothing happened. I was also flying the A321 btw. I've flown from various airports and landed at various without a hich before this flight from Glasgow, so this has lead me to believe it's maybe airport specific. Just incase though here are my system specs.

Intel Pentium D 3.00Ghz
1024Mb RAM
ATI Radeon x1300 256mb
Realtek HD Digital Audio

With this setup on with fairly high graphics settings I don't stick or anything so performance is pretty good. This crash has happened more than once too, but at the same airport everytime and in different starting positions.

Thanks very much for reading,

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It's probably the scenery as you said but open the case and clean your fans and heatsink.


Sno0ze Guest

Thx for the reply RadarMan,
but erm, whats heatsink 😳 ??

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Heatsink is the cooling device that attached top of CPU or any heated chips. You can't miss it..

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hey is there any FSX crash effect downloads?plz give a link 😕

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