'Please Insert Disc 4' Error message?!


I am getting the message in the title, and the CD is loaded, clean, drive is OK everything I don't know what is wrong and its only just started happening....

Anyone help please?

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lenin First Officer

I know its obvious but, are there any scratches on the disc, and is My computer recognising that it is in there?

Guest Ed Guest

CD and DVD drives in computers tend to live short lives. Sometimes they won't read certain disks, or it takes several attempts for them to read certain disks, or they can can read but not write. If you are sure the disk and the drive are clean, you might need a new drive.

But, if this is the only disk your drive can't recognize, it may be the disk, as Lenin has said. You could contact Microsoft for a replacement disk, or you could download the nocd crack disk.


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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

Time to use a no-cd crack?

Pro Member First Officer
pilatflyr First Officer

Mc_GaNgStA wrote:

Time to use a no-cd crack?

ah, yes it is

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