Fly Away Simulation

Going Going gone :(

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Karlw Captain

We lost another great member greekman sadley the fghts have now 100% destroyed this forum which I once heared was the best forum but now Crying or Very sad we must attempt once more to save this forum from doom

Please lets try one more time

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spitfiresrule First Officer

The only why that is going to happen is if Hyepilot gets bannend

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Karlw Captain

ok spitfiresrule please stop ok lets stop attacking people im not saying its only you but please lets peacfully bring flight back into our lives


Maybe hypilot and murjax will take flight on a onw-way trip. It is the only solution.

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leachus2002 First Officer

People are right. I joined this forum 2 years ago and I have seen it go downhill. Unfortunately this is not due to the owners but because of the immaturity of some of its members. There are people on this forum who are a galaxy of information and people are abusing this.

I am seriously considering leaving too - its a community, we are meant to help each other, not take the p***. If you take information, why can't you give it back?

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