megascenery water, water everywhere

Dabagboy Guest

I installed the Megascenery Southern California scenery, and there is water everywhere? and boats? I crashed into one on takeoff at KSAN just to be sure I wasn't "seeing things"....

I ran the texture replacement "tweak" here..

Then I tried to install my MegaScenery SoCal and I have water everywhere? could it be a conflict?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Is it made for FSX, if not that's your problem.


dabagboy Guest

Thanks for the prompt reply...

they claim it can run with 2002 2004 or FSX...

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Redo it and let it overwrite itself.
If you missed anything it'll load.

The other way is to uninstall it, check that all is ok, then install it again.
I would go this way.


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