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Can anyone help me with creating flight plans to fly from place to place?

I am tired of just creating a simple plan using flight planner from point A to point B using IFR rules and never knowing if this is how it is really done or not.
Are there any point to specifically know how to create a "real life" flight plan?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Jump over to FS Route for a realistic flight plan..

As for in FS9 its self i think you can delete the way points and drag the route marker over different points. I myself don't do this because it takes to long 😛

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Thanks for the tip Pappy55.

Will this flight plan also give you the altitude in which to fly? Or do you also have to fill this in yourself?

When I created a flight plan using FS9 flight planner and added in my own FL that I wanted to fly, the FS9 ATC did not have me down quick enough to make the runway and I was way TOO HIGH.

Thanks againg for the help.

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