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All of a sudden some of the legacy aircraft that came with FS9 started to develop engine proglems. They used to fly but now they don't.

I first noticed it on the 172 which will rev up to 2200 rpm. The Jenny and Vimy will not turn up enough to get off the ground and the Vega just will get airborne if you are careful on the 5000 ft takeoff run and the 200fpm climbout. ( White knuckle time, watch out for that tree )

I do not have this problem with my downloads, most of them fly just fine.

I have removed and reinstalled FS9
I have set all settings to basic and lowered the frame rate.
Nothing seems to work and I cannot fly these aircraft.

My computer has enough power to fly with all settings except the MIP maxed out without problems.

I am using Gensis mesh and Ultimate Terrain which has greatly improved the ground. ( I like VFR at 1K )

I hope that somebody out there recognizes this problem and can point me to a fix.

I am new to FS having been using it for just over a month and can use all of the help I can get.


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DoubleBounce wrote:

All of a sudden some of the legacy aircraft that came with FS9 started to develop engine proglems. They used to fly but now they don't.

RPM looks good for the C-172, lets check some items:

1. Recalibrate controller.
2. Check aircraft weight is correct, not over loaded.
3. Set trim to TO position, initially, for take off, make sure flaps are up.
4. Make sure that airspeed in set for indicated and not true airspeed.
5. Ensure auto mixture is selected.
6. Don't lower your frame rate below 25 FPS.

Location and conditions
Check at the default airport(KSEA), high altitude airports will reduce performance especially if you have manual mixture control and don't lean the mixture. Ensure the temperature is not abnormally high, it should be around 56 degrees Fahrenheit at the default airport.

Rotate at 55 KIAS and climb at 80 KIAS, full power. Pitch attitude should be around 10 degrees nose up(second black line above horizon on attitude indicator). 🙂

PS Welcome to Flyaway 🍻

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Dale Evans (DoubleBounce) Trainee

Thanks, The auto mixture seems to help.

I still can't get the Jenny airborne. I am going to take it to Key West and see if flying at sea level will make a difference.

Right now I am flying out of Marfa Texas which is at 4880. A little high but not that much.

I worked with a pilot that owned a Jenny. He said it was a constant speed airplane. Take Off at 65, Cruse at 65, and Land at 65. He used to tell a story about loosing a race with a Buick back in the 30's.

If you want an aircraft that is a hoot to fly download the 150 Texas Conversion. No problem getting it's engine to redline.

Once again, thanks for the advice

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