Anolther graphics set up question for FSX

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hello again people, 2 questions please !!

1 - my compaq desktop has 1 gig of ram 220 gig hard drive and pentium 4 processer. the game still stutters slightly when i turn up the graphic settings. what can i do to get less stuttering when turning the graphics up, i no i wont get it spot on but i was thinking maybee i need to spend a few hundread quid on a dogs bollox graphics card am i right or any ideas ?

2 - My acer laptop set up is as follows
intel core 2 duo processer T5500
1.66ghz, 667mhz fsb, 2 mb L2 cache
intel graphics media accelarator
1 gig of ram
120 gig hard drive.

Which computer will run fsx best ? the laptop or desktop?? answeres on a post card cheerrs !

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