Problems With NVidia GeForce5500

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Hello to All!

I have a Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 512MBytes RAM. A soltek board and a NVidia GeForce 5500 256MBytes and when I start my official FSX the information that appears is:

"Fsx is not compatible with your video card or you don't have the latest video drivers"

But related with NVidia Geforce 5500 I've already downloaded the lastest version.

Can anyone help me?



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Hawk_345 Guest

I dont know whats going on with your card, i have the same one and that ahs nver hapened.

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i have the same card. it works fine. you definately need directX9.0 driver AND make sure your previous onboard vid. card is disabled and the 5500 is the active card

Hawk_345 Guest

Maybe sicne you have only 512mb of ram more presure is added to the vid card and it just cant handel it, i got a a gig of Ram so that might be doing it, other than that i cant see anything.

Sorry for double psoting but seeing im a guest there is no edit button.

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Clean out the old drivers and reinstall new ones.
Be sure the card is well seated in the slot and if it has a power supply connector make sure that in tightly.


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