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Hi all
as any one Had a problem with Installing MyTraffic X this is the Program that is advertized as the only traffic program produced soly for FSX.
Well not Quite True.When you get this download it then tells you that it will only part install the program It explanes what you have to do manualy but the instalation instuction are slightly flawed.You are required to add an entry into your FSX CFG files.check that a entry is in a MyTraffic File.And then enter it into your Scenery file.If you have a problem you will get help from the MyTraffic support forum.But if They do not succeed to fix your problem and I must say they will try there best.You loose yor Money,Simmarket will not refund you The Price 26.62 UK /39.44 EUR /$52.57 USA A lot of money to pay for a program that will not install itself.

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