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Did this happen to Flight 19?

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I wonder if something like this happened to the ill fated Flight 19?

dme43 Guest

OMG!!! Censored me!! Surprised Surprised Surprised 😳 😳 😳

it might be!! There is a bermuda triangle!

Anyway, has anyone experienced this on fs2k4?

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That looks cool, maybe.

For those who don't know, ➡

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The reason they say it happened is because there are methane volcanos on the ocean floor of the bermuda triangle and as I saw on mythbusters they got the same engines those planes used got methan gas and fed it into the engines and before they new it the engine shut down it was starved of oxygen and just stoped therefore the plane lost airspeed and went right into the water

P.S Where did you get the model lin please thanks 😀

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Also there are some uranium and methane plates and other things siting on the ocean, wich makes the instrument's gauges to flip around .... this plates create magnetic fields, Irregular lines of force connect the magnetic poles, and the compass needle simply aligns itself with these lines of force, so the needle goes crazy don't know where to align wich makes the pilot go around in circles or the altimeter goes crazy too 😀

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Karlw, the model is a reworked CFS2 Avenger that i found at Avsim and used the excellent Atlantic theatre textures also at Avsim( the model textures are'nt that good!).
The effects are a Bermuda Triangle set i found at Simviation.
Sorry about the link i really have'nt got the hang of doing that!
P.S i really think that they just got lost and ran out of fuel!

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