Flying in the Big Bend.

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Could someone please let me know if the scenery in FSX in the West Texas area is better than in FS9 with UT and FSG mesh.

The only reason I am considering FSX is a scenery upgrade. It is my understanding that it is built on a 9 meter mesh.

I downloaded the demo and was impresed but was that scenery only for that area or will I find it in West Texas too.

I would hate to spend 65 dollars and not get an improvement.

I live in a little village called Valentine which is about 40 miles west of Marfa and until I purchased UT for the FS9 I could not find it. UT only shows the streets without buildings but at least I can now find it .

I am old and like to fly slow and low, although 300kts at 100 ft above the ground will get your blood pumping.. My main joy is flying a hot ultralight following the local stream beds through the mountains. Canyon flying at 100 feet and 80 knots is a hoot. AFLAC, I sure am glad that in the sim world ambulance rldes and replacement airaraft are free.

I would appreciate it if somebody out there would fly out of Marfa, TX and post a screenshot of the area.

While you are at it how about taking a short hop 20 miles north to a place called Ft. Davis and see if there is anything there but a highway junction and some town streets.

Thanking all in advance for the help and advice.

I can fly IFR too, but only if I have a good road map. 😂

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