which window do use for the whole flight?


How do you fly? what windows do you use for the Whole flight, and I mean going to checklist turning radios, engine controls etc etc and for Pilotage do you really use pilotage on FSX? I saw a video I dont remeber the web site and which a pilot flew from Miami to boston (I bealeive) and he did eveything from starting the negine till shut down. I want to do the same but chanwing windows and bringing new windows take alot of time and I get Impatient, so how do you guys fly??, thanks

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I fly single engine planes. I use Virtual Cockpit on the ground, for taxiing, parking, etc. For setting radios, flying IFR, and most approaches I use the 2D cockpit. While airborne I'll occasionally look at the chase plane view just for some eye candy.

When flying the Cessnas the Virtual Cockpit view is nice as the instrument panel in 2D mode takes up most of the screen.

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I fly with the 2D panel most of the time.

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