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Hi, Newby here

Surprisingly hard to find much detail on this Flightgear thing, just reviews with "You'll probably enjoy it more with a joystick"... Well blow me down, you think so?

Am currently downloading it, on my snail's pace connection. Anything I need to know?

Any idea if it'll run on a 2.66ghz Intel Duo 512Mb system with a built in video card? Allegeldy the card is a "Via/S3G Unichrome Pro IGP" if that means anything to anyone?

It's been a long time since I played games on my PC, been fiddling around with an X-box. But no flight sims on an X-box..


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I've only heard bad things about Flightgear flight simulator, I would stick withe FS9 or FSX. There's a reason it's free. 🙂

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I'd Just like to let people know that the weather is awful in San Franscisco right now.

Perhaps if you have the right video card it's OK but with mine the only thing I can see are the instruments. Absolutely no view out the window whatsover..

This PC's brand new, less than a month old and already I need to upgrade? Remind me again why I gave up on PC's for games and got a console? Oh yeah I remember, incompatability issues and forever upgrading. Crying or Very sad

And crashes. Did I mention the crashes? And viri? Malware, adware and zero attempt at quality control of hardware. Oh those happy days of blissful delight if new hardware actually worked 😳

Talking of which I'm now the proud and happy owner (NOT!) of a new joystick, a "Logitech Attack 3". Should have known anything with "Attack" in the name would be a bit sad but I only just noticed/realised, it has no rudder control.

No rudder control. Can you believe this? I last purchased a decent joystick about 10 years ago and they had damn rudder controls THEN so what's with this thing? It has a nice enough throttel control, I mean jumpin' jeepers, how can a stick have a throttle and numerous buttons - and no freakin rudders?

"Watch darling, as I pilot this 747 in a ultra-realistic simulation of the real thing, coming in to land at our local airport. See down there? That's our house, wave at yourself.."

"Why hubby darling, I am so impressed. But do tell, why is the plane veering wildly around the sky?

"Because I have no stinking rudders on this stinking joystick - asides from that it's ultra-realistic, so shurrup already"

"But when we're in planes they don't sort of swing and bank around like.... does that noise mean you crashed?"

*sigh* And this my friends is the level I'm aiming at, should I splash more of the mortgage, erm spare cash, on a new video card, so this new computer with it's new dual processor and it's new LCD monitor can actually display something.

I've been messing around with "Aces High" or some such, which does run, presuming I wish to "simulate" a freakin' Messershmit or however you spell it, whilst getting shot at. Which I don't, strangely.

Fact is, I have far too many things I need to pay out for to be upgrading a brand new machine. I specifically wanted FS 2004 cos I figured by now, 3 or 4 years later, perhaps the hardware could actually run it smoothly? Well not if "Flightgear" is anything to go by.

Perhaps in 2008?



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