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Welverin Guest

A few days ago my computer decided to throw a fit. I took it to a computer shop, they did their thing and now it's working agin.... sorta. I tried running fs and when I went to the tower view it restarted my computer. I un/reinstalled fs and now it restarts when I get off the ground. Can anybody help?

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spuddi Guest

sound like a driver issue. they might have loaded on the latest drivers for your vidoe card after they sorted out your problems. maybe try older drivers.

Welverin Guest

eh, I don't think they did but either way I've already installed them. The computer place had to do an overlay to replace some boot files. I lost everything on my master drive(C🙂. They did update it to Windows XP SP2 and installed avast! and Windows Defender.

Welverin Guest

I got it working 😀

Turns out it wasn't a display driver problem(although I updated that anyway) but a problem with my sound drivers...

Thanks for the help!

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