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Thanks Radarman. I have the motorcycle now. I still like that van!! It is VERY stable. I also have the coastgaurd boat and an inflatable twin outboard,,, something. Anyway, When I am in Hong Kong, I take the boat to get across the bay from Kowloon to HK island. I just park it at the Star Ferry and then take a car and drive around.

By the way, I just got the add on HK scenery. There is no other air traffic!!!! Is this the case? Or am I missing something?

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It depends on the ad-on traffic program you use. Did you include Asia into it.

Here are a few more bus's and some scenery with "action", nope I haven't tried any yet.


Elkin Guest

Thanks. I'll check it out. Well, I found out what's up with HK. IT IS CLOSED!!! All the Traffic is at Chep Lap Kok!!

I found an addon scenery enh. for the Bremen airport. WOW!!! There are follow me trucks, airport buses, fuel trucks,,, and even a marshalling dude with wands!!!! It is like REAL!!! Even the jetbridges move to the aircraft I did not know these enhancements were out there!!!

I gotta find more of this!!!! And I thought the static trucks and jet bridges at KSEA were cool!!!

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