Is there anything that works properly!!!!

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I am quickly coming to the conclusion that this FSX should be named something else. I gotta tell ya I have never owned a game that has more glitchs than this piece of crap. I just tried the VOR lessons with Rod. What a frickin joke. Damm radios and tuners are not the same as he is describing, throttle won't stay fixed and the VOR's don't work. It's like I paid for a full game but 50% is missing. Can ya tell I am getting damm frustrated. I could possibly be doing something wrong with the radios and VOR settings"I doubt it" but I know damm well I am not the cause of the throttle moving where ever the hell it wants to. I am beginning to like EA games a lot more than microcrash!!!!

BTW my system is not small.
Athlon 4800 dual core
2 gig ddr400 ram
7950 nvidia super clocked
Pci Sli motherboard
250 gig hard drive
This system plays all other games at max settings flawlessly.............

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Your system sounds great to me, therefore, your system cannot be the underlying cause of the problems you are experiencing. Myself, and many others (read the website-LOL) have been having difficulties of some sort or another with this game. I truly sympathize with you as I counted down the days until I could buy FSX, only to find it doesn't work on my computer. I believe that we will have to wait for Vista to see full funtionality out of the game. But of course, Microsoft conveniently seems to have forgotten to put this very large piece of advice on the box. You're not the only one whos feeling ripped off, I mean, don't they make enough? Now its just an insult to be sneaky about it. I would switch to a Mac, but Apple seems to be even more manipulative

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