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I am a big fan of the learjet 45 purely because of it's ease of flying and landing. It is a plane that I feel most comfertable with. However, I am seeking something bigger than the learjet but along the same guidelines. Is there a learjet bigger thatn the 45 series? If not, can anybody suggest a plane that is similar to the learjet but bigger??
Thanks in advance, Od

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I used to fly the learjet then went to the 737. I found the transistion pretty easy/

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Oh yeah I know. I often do fly the Boeing and am also comfortable with that but I am looking for a new plane in the form of a jet, like the Lear 45.

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Not Learjets, but how about...Gulfstream V, Dassault Falcon 7X (3-engine) or 2000 (2-engine).

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i love the dassault falcon stuff. that thing is so fast, i've made it from sfo to newark in around 4 hours. the citation (cessna) is pretty fun too.

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I find the the CJ series of aircraft to be a fine selection to fly Embardere (SP) They respond quite nicely to the controls and move a long pretty well too.


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