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Microphone problems

lemonwonder Guest

I finally got my computa guy to make the game work... after 3 weeks.
I have trouble with my microphone though.

I run the test in game and I can hear myself after i speak. I then try to use it in game and nobody can hear me, people get annoyed when i takeoff and land etc because I cant communicate.

I have a:

Logitech Internet Chat Headset

Can any1 help?

Also any reccommendations for a diff mic, they must be on this website though:


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Graham (graham05) First Officer

ok i had problems with getting my com to work in fsx gamespy Rolling Eyes but have u tryed teamspeak Question Question Question Question or is that what u r using Question Question

but try this it is price but it is a great headset for fs and music check it out:

lemonwonder Guest

Whats this teamspeak that you speak of? I would be interested to know. (The mic to buy has to be on

lemonwonder Guest

Ok i went to teamspeak website... is it a seperate client, or does it work inside fsx?

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Graham (graham05) First Officer

teamspeak is a communication divice so u can use it anywere but it is only communication..... so if u want to talk to the people in fsx gamespy then ur going to have find out how to make it work Exclamation Exclamation but u could use fshost clint witch lets u fly on other servers like just get the clint and teamspeak and connect..... the clint is easy to use, just open the .exe and fly if u need more info just let me know... Wink

lemonwonder Guest

So basically... I have to download something else and teamspeak? What i am asking is that like... do i have to have teamspeak and fsx and a client open or what? Could I have step-by-step instructions?

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Teamspeak is very good

I use it when playing Tiger Woods golf online, doesn't affect the performance of running games at all and it is very clear

lemonwonder Guest

Ok, do I have to find out the other pilots channel or what? I am thinking of buying this..... infact i will buy it:

Gemini Gaming Headphones+Mic


Gemini Precision Gaming
Headphones and Mic
Good Quality Sound, Good for Playing games or chatting on net,


Technology Guide Line

~~ Frequelicy Response 20KHz-20KHz

~~Driver Unit: 30mm

~~Impedance: 32ohm

~~Rated power: 20mW

~~Power hsnding Capactity 100mW

~~Line: 2.25m

~~Connector plugs: 3.5mm

Will these work in FSX?

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