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New aviation track from yoyoman : Johannesburg tower party&q

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Dear fly Away members and friends,

My upcoming Aviation Music compilation CD has been delayed : It won't be released this year but early 2007 !

I'm sorry about that but :

- My "Brussels National" video seriously slowed me down. A good quality copy (Better than the stream version) can be downloaded from here (100 downloads available, file will expire next week ...) :

- I started to produce another aviation track back in September called "Johannesburg tower party" and first I made that track just for fun, thinking that it was anyway not appropriate for that compilation CD. But some days ago I worked further on that track, finished it and uploaded it. My friends-composers told me that this track would very nicely end my upcoming CD in a humorous way.

The bottom line is : Perhaps the compilation CD has been delayed but there will be 1 more track on it what brings the total to 11 tracks.

Some words about "Johannesburg tower party" : I always wanted to compose a track about air traffic controllers but I was scared that such track would become boring : No plane sounds ... Just some conversations ? Besides ATC was already included in other tracks before !

In the end I decided to start something making it just funny and the track I'm bringing to you today might fit your 2007 New Year party very well 😀

That track is downloadable and also 100 wav copies (CD quality) are available here :

For streaming, you can just click on my banner below.

Enjoy, and at the same time I wish you a nice year 2007 ending !

p.s. @hms_endeavour : Perhaps you can try to download the video from that link ? If you fail, let me know because I offered you to send it via the postal service. I had no news from you anymore about that ... ❓

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