Friday Harborr - Victoria International

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Please comment and rate my video, and please tell me if there is anythink elce i could do to my videos to make them better thx all.

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luigi_m_ Trainee

I enjoyed it. I love it when people make FS videos just for the hell of it! Bit of a nose-down landing is all I would say about the actual flying.

Also, as that was a pretty mellow flight, you should have used a song a little bit slower-paced, rather than the scissor sisters (although that is a fan-tab-ulous song!). If you are using some editing software, spend a minute or two of your time to have a 10-second frame which just says when, where and what this flight is about, just makes it a little bit more interesting for the viewer. I'm not sure about the views of other people on here, but I would have preferred if that video was on YouTube or somewhere similar, then people can have a look at comments on your video, rather than something about hot Japanese girls... Also, kind of a damper at the end when the music just stopped when the credits rolled, and I think I heard you coughing as well. Not all bad points as such, the only one I had was the view changes were a bit annoying.

Apart from that I enjoyed it. Were you using any VFR scenery with FSX? The water looks fantastic! Can you get fuel trucks and stuff out any time in FSX?

Very nice for a first video though, hopefully see some more from you in the future!!

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Sorry about coffin and the bad landing , the aircraft what really hard to flare with :[ , But thanks for ur comments and i will take them in mind for when i make my next video

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