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PMDG Refusing to climb

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'Lo everyone. Finally figured out how to set up the PMDG, use toga, takeoff, turn the AP on, everything goes right, exept I never increase to what my FMC is set to (FL250), only to what my MCP is set to (10,000). Help?

EDIT: Got the FMC message "UNABLE CRZALT" and VNAV just turned off and my VS and SPD hold just turned on.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I dont have PMDG's 747 but its probaly the same with there 737 which I do have if your MCP is set to 10,000 the FMC cant overide it you have to set the Altitide on the MCP to the same cruise altitude set in the FMC.

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Thanks for the response. You're right, after looking around I figured out I have to set it on the MCP then click the knob and it'll raise me. Thanks for the help 😀

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Charlie10 First Officer

Thanks - I added MCP to my checklist!

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