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gazpode Guest

I am open for recruitment to fly for a virtual airline. I can do the odd flight (which has to be conducted offline due to a tempremental net connection that keeps dropping) and would generally like my flights to be short haul/hops of around 100nm, generally within the UK or northern europe or of the following of my favourite countries:-

Northern Italy.

Can anybody in the VA airline community help me?

Also I would like to base myself out of stansted if possible but this is not compulsary.

If I cannot find an airline who'd welcome me, can somebody direct me to a bit of software I can use to randomly "choose" my flights for me.

Thanks again
From: Gary.
any help/suggestions/ideas welcome.

Alpha Blue Guest

Hello there,

Alpha blue are based in the UK, and offer many different types of flights, from short haul to long haul.

We do not have any current routes to Stansted, but have one base in London Gatwick if thats any use.

"Select Operations for Flight Info"

Alpha Blue

gazpode_l Guest

thanks for your reply "ALPHA BLUE"
At present I cannot really see any plans which seem to be of what I'd call short haul which are aproximately 30 mins in length to fly! most of the plans I seemed to find were of aproimately an hr or even more!

Can you help me any further, or point me in the direction of where I can look? also I would like to conduct my flights offline before loggin in to post my this possible with your company?


BTW: Merry Christmas

Pro Member Trainee
AO001 Trainee

sounds like you might want something like Abacus' Taxi add-on for FS9. A VA might not be in your horizon with those conditions, hope this helps 😉

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