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My First MSFS Screens (Hawaii Arrival)

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So for almost two years, I've oogled over all of your guy's screen shots and quietly played FS9/FSX on my own antiquated computer. Recently I was able to afford some minor upgrades (and a new vid card) and bought FSX and spent DAYS tweaking. I was able to get playable frame-rates over the ocean and islands on these settings. So for all of you who I've requested screen shots from, this ones for you:

A pre-dawn takeoff over Christmas Island in the pacific. I'm in love with the atmospheric coloring on these next shots. My main reasons for taking screens.

Another shot of Xmas Island takeoff.

And another. I love how the clouds and the stars blend. I can just imagine taking off on a crisp, clear December morning with these. The next shots are a different set (Honolulu approach during dawn).

My favorite of the set - starting descent toward the Hawaiian islands.

A second view of the preceding shot with the light hitting the Lear.

Again, love the colors. I was somehow able to fanangle my video card settings and get great anti aliasing results (no jaggies). Islands are in sight.

Starting to render objects with scenery. No hit on the frame rates - yet.

Descending even lower. Requested landing clearance at Honolulu and lining up. Otherwise, nothing special about this shot. Good frame rates still.

Still lower. Setting flaps and lowering gear for a morning landing. Frame rates starting to take a hit. On a side note, I love this Lear its easy on the eyes and flies great.

Smooth glide-path and now I want to take a cruise (see ocean liner). Over the city, the frame rate took a hit to a barely-playable 5-7 fps. I'm not liking how the map is getting cut along the coast. Gross. Increasing the resolution would likely only make it worse. Guess I'm just going to need a scenery pack (and a faster computer/GPU).

Flaps to full and let's land. I don't really plan to upgrade my compy until the middle of next year after vista/DX10 has matured along with the supporting hardware. I fully expect this game to be rockin' by then. Unified pixel shaders and onboard GPU processing will make this game rock (along with the appropriate add-ons and scenery packs of course)!

Thanks again to all you guys who've inspired me with your own beautiful screen shots. Let me know what you think and I'll try to improve. Until next time, Ryan.

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Alright. They're up now. Sorry about that. Any feedback welcome!

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AWESOME man...

So, share your secrets (and specs, including the new vid card)

What did you do with respect to tweaks; ie which ones did you apply, configure?

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They look great, excellent detail.
You aren't getting much feedback because we get a warning when we click on this post.
It a problem with the site you have your screenshots linked to.


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Wow, didn't realize my server was forcing people to accept a security certificate. Sorry about that. Shouldn't happen again!

I'll have to take a look at my sliders again, but the video card is a Nvidia 7800GT (not recommended since its hard to find drivers for XP) on a Pentium D OC'ed to 3.2GHz. I know that the global terrain and water are maxed out at least. At these settings however, the simulator isn't playable over much land.[/b]

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Great pics, I like all of them. Good job man.

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

wow , some of those pictures are the best that iv ever seen good job mate

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I uh... Can't see the pictures... I, uh... Hope they're great... yeah...

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Please note the original post is about a year-and-a-half old. I would suspect the links have expired by now...


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Concord... if your going to look at old posts thats fine...but please stop posting new ones in them! just make sure you check the last posted date

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

yeah we dont want the forums hust showing posts from ages ago too often

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hahaha. man i posted this a while ago but I fixed the links just for fun. 😉

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Concorde105 First Officer

Still can't see it...

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Kc (puppy-paw) First Officer

very nice !!!

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Nice! I have one Q- How do u line up with the runway and not skip out of it upon touchdown? thats wat happen to me.

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