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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Have you tried flying the default FS Helicopters lately ?

I had really forgotten how hard I find it to fly these..... I spent 3 hours last night trying to take-off, fly somewhere and land !

I can take-off ok, and I can land about 75% of the time.... but the hard bit is actually picking a spot, and landing there...... I seem to lose directional control when I slow the speed off by pulling the stick back to ease the Coptor into a rear lean, to slow down....

I end up landing about half a mile from where I was intending to, sometimes on top of people's garages, which must be upsetting them 😂

Anyone got any general flying tips for the Helicopters ?

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Yep…I know what you mean. Landing those beasts is a true art. I played around a bit last night with a V-22 Osprey. What a kick in the pants!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 I think you need a twist stick to tame them Whip
No matter what I try when I land (I do................sometimes Embarassed )anybody in the chopper with me would have to get a taxi,as I am miles off target ROFL

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

At least it's not just me then..... Wonder if it is this hard in real life to get your PPL (H).... 😳

I have a twisty Joystick TTT, but it only helps a little.... obviously it controls the Rudder Pedals and makes the Copter rotate somewhat, but (similarly to in a plane), the Copter has a tendancy to rotate back to it's original heading...

Very hard, I respect the 'hand flying' skills of anyone who has mastered Flying Helicopters in this Sim 😎

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I can get them up for a while but I think I push the speed, they start to spin out of control and all is lost, I can't recover.
I would like once to land in Sea Hawk Stadium or on a roof top.


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I came quite close to landing in Seahawk Stadium in the default Piper Cub ! You can get it to about 44kts without stalling.... the graphics understandably get quite poor once you're almost in the stadium though - even with high settings....

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RadarMan Chief Captain

The-GPS-Kid wrote:

I came quite close to landing in Seahawk Stadium in the default Piper Cub ! You can get it to about 44kts without stalling.... the graphics understandably get quite poor once you're almost in the stadium though - even with high settings....

Dont Know I've tried with the Goodyear Blimp, an ultralite and the Aeronca but alas no success as of yet.
There's always tomorrow. Yes


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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

I fly the UH alot and have succsesfully been able to take off, land, and fly straight 😂

Its gets tiring though because i have to hold the rudder control to center the rudder so i dont go into a spin Evil or Very Mad

But once you learn how to fly these suckers its fun

P.S. when you go to land and your going to fast and your destination is right below you... flare a little and decrease the throttle to about 20% to about 28% see if that helps 😉

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sylvan First Officer

Have you tried the download CH53 Sea Stallion from Avsim? It seems alot easier to handle than the default copters. I tried to get a screenshot of me landing ontop of one of the scrapers in New York but although I managed to land OK I sunk a little in the top causing "building crash" 😞 😞

birddog Guest

I have a ppl(h) and am type rated in the R-22, R-44 and Bell 206 Jetranger, and they are much easier (for me) to fly than FS 2004.

I am really confused as I have read reports of people complementing the accurate modelling of the flight profile of these aircraft in FS9, but I have not had similar success. For Example, an R22 should fly straight and level at 70kts with 21" MAP, but in FS9 it climbs and still has noticible yaw.

Also, I have a CH Pro Throttle, Fighterstick and Pro Pedals, and with this combination I do not get realistic control authority on the aircraft. I am hoping it is because I did not configure them properly, but this confuses me as I can fly fixed wing aircraft perfectly with this setup.

Anyone who has had better luck with rotorcraft with FS9/2004 please let me know what you did.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Well, i cant say taht I am perfect at flying a copter, but as far as landing goes, try to do this, it works well for me

When you know around where you want to land, begin to slowly bring back the power so you can descend, keep forward momentum however, cause if you go down too much and are going too slow, you will yaw all over heck.

As you get closer to the ground, pull back very gently on the stick, to bring yourself level. Also, try and descend at around 100FPM Max. While you are descending, fiddle with the power so you slow down to around 10-15 knots forward.

When you get like 25 feet off the ground, pull back more to slow down to like 1-2 kts. mess with the power to gently bring yourself down to the ground.

cheers! 😛

Elkin Guest

I'll tell ya! Those FS9 folks did a real good job with the helo dynamics!!!!! Thes things react VERY real to that of there actual counterparts. I have flown 206's and Seakings (21,000 pound beast).
The only handicap with the sim is the lack of physiological sensations as well as limited vision. (You can't freely look around)

Anyway, these things are hooked up very realistcly. You have to make an input in one direction while the maschine is still going in the other direction. In any case, it is brutal!!!

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