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Fly29 Guest

My flights are not being saved to my Pilots Records. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check here for logbook.

C: drive, it is located here: C:\Documents and Settings\<your logon name>\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\


Fly29 Guest

I went there but what do I do? My flights are not being entered into my records. I'd like to keep track of all my flights.


Patriot_JAX Guest

I too have this problem. It seemed to be capturing records for the mission flights ok (sometimes even these would be messed up), but for free flight, it doesn't keep track. I seemed to remember in previous MSFS versions, you could select somewhere in options whether or not to keep a log of flights, but FSX seems to do it automatically (or at least it supposed to).

Sometimes right after a free flight, I will check the pilot log, and notice that it adds the time for the flight up in the totals at the bottom, but it doesn't actually list the flight in the box above. One I shutdown and restart the program, even the totals go back to 0.

Fly29 Guest

Thats exactly whats happening.

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captainsimon Trainee

I too had this a while ago, I uninstalled and reinstalled and it sorted it out.

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