errors, errors, errors, its ridiculous. I REALLY need help.


NOTE: I have looked at past threads.

This is ridiculous, I have been trying to install Flight Simulator X for about 11 hours, I first downloaded it, and it worked fine, then I restarted my computer to get a clean boot ( thought it would make it work nicely ), then I got the blue screen, and it erased all the FSX files that were just downloaded.

Then I re downloaded it, and I got a 1722 error ( when it was done with the 2nd disk ) saying that a windows installer was not doing what was expected, or something of that sort, so I kept re in stalling it thinking something would work, and it didn't. So I finally looked into some threads, and I found some possible problems, so I tried installing/uninstalling some programs and such. After that, I tried to re install it, and I got a 1722 ( It was something to do with run time error, I THINK, I might be wrong), and it didn't even attempt to install.

This is so frustrating.

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Be sure to have all Windows updates, SP2, defrag and try again.
So far most major problems can only be solved by reinstalling Windows, updating and then install the sim.


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I have had similar problems with other games ad I found out I needed to get the latest version of windows installer from Microsoft. Ran this and everything was o/k.

Worth a try.


Thanks guys for all the help though but,

Its not even attempt to install now, it says that is unable to install installShield Scripting runtime. (Error 1607)

help please, I really want to play this game. 😞

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