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can't save as default and periodic crashes....

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i'm not exactly sure if this is a videocard problem or a payware a/c problem, but since i installed fs9 on my new computer which i also installed a 7900gs card in i've had this problem. i can't seem to save any flights to default. i've saved it with no problems on my last computer. now when i start a flight, shut everything down to a cold and dark cockpit and then "save as default," it never saves. the first couple times i saved the flights it would continue to default to the cessna seattle flight. i have the feelthere erj145 pic that i would like as my default flight, cold and dark. i finally did get it to restart with the 145 as the default aircraft, but now everything is still powered up and the graphics look like this. notice all the switches are either on or in auto. they also have a lighted are around the switches that will go away once i turn on the cockpit lights and then turn them back off. that still doesn't explain why it's starting up with everything running though when i saved it as cold and dark. i've uninstalled and reinstalled EVERYTHING twice, not fun, and still same results.

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