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i have made an account and logged in but when i log it it signs me out a few seconds later and says: you have been disconnected from games spy
because you are already logged in on a different account' so what should i do?

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Running Guest

I have that a lot.
Usually it helps to repeat again and again untill it works.

Yesterday I managed to click on a server before it kicked me out. (just a fraction of a second to do that) It then crashed FSX entirely. After restarting FSX I got connected on the first try.

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lambkin Trainee

what i do is click on "network settings" and then set "connection time out"
and "keep alive" both to something like 1000000000

hope that helps!

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

It may also be slow internet.

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jetman35 First Officer

Yeah I am running into the same problem. I think it has something to do with gamespy. I have heard from friends that their system is very flaky. It's really the only thing that sucks about fsx. It can be very frustrating when your flying with buddies and you get kicked off. I hope the next update will correct this big problem.

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