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Real Life Screenies- Auckland Planespotting Photos

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Hi guys,

I havent posted in a while, so I thought I would share some of my latest planespotting photos from my local airport, NZAA with you (22 pictures- 2.00MB):

1. ZK-OJO descending into land on 23L

2. ZK-SUM, an Air New Zealand B747-400 taxing to the active

3. B-HXD taxing following -SUM

4. VH-DHE, an Australia registered B727 cargo freighter, a regular visitor to Auckland

5. ZK-EAP of Eagle Air humming along a few feet away

6. VH-OGG ready to depart across the Tasman

7. ZK-NGN, leaving Auckland for the capital

8. ZK-OJF, a swanky Airbus A320 passes by

9. N50KC, an American Gulfstream V jet parked outside the Air National building. As I was shooting these photos, a man from Air National came over and asked me whether I would like to come have a look inside, but he had to cancel his offer as the VIP passengers arrived shortly after Sad

10. An ANZ B767 and B737 taxing towards runway 23L. Notice the engine vapour from N50KC pluming in front of the 767

11. Anyone know what N164RJ, a Boeing BBJ is doing in Auckland? And who owns/operates it?

12. ZK-NEF starting up its engines. The Dash 8 is meant to be "The quiet one" but boy it was deafening only metres away!

13. A close up view of the -NEF front end

14. ZK-POF, a dirty old Airwork metroliner

15.Towerguy? Is that you? Razz (A NZ joke)

16. Little n' Large

17. ZK-SUI on the heavy stand

18. Another close up, this time of -SUI's nose

19. -OJC parked on the apron, ready to unload PAX from aussie

20. An overview of the empty apron (Surprised) at midday

21. The reason I came today, I heard F-OJGF visited on Wednesdays

22. My very first photo from today, not very good in the low light out the car window

Enjoy- if you want a full sized version, just PM me Thumbs Up! I also have heaps more simular photos to these on my NZFF forums- linked in my sig.

Hope that everyone is doing well- I have finally got broadband now lol
Very Happy

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

THX for sharing with us, these are really exclent shots. I always watching real picsture of plane.

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Great Shots. Don't we all wish FS would look like that.

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