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Crazy Camera Angles

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ceetee Chief Captain

The middle scroller on my mouse has screwed up, and will only 'scroll down', even if I am pushing the little scroller up. This lead to an interesting scenario in fs2004, when I was trying to zoom out with the 'F1 View' utility, which is programmed to use the scroller to set the magnification of the zoom in spot view...

Looks quite neat I thought, with a nice close up view of the fuselage. It made for some quite tricky navigating from that view though, which I prefer when flying VFR.

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Karlw Chief Captain

now this is a 20/10 nice job Very Happy

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

Fienly last post, i am tired of writing , these are BEUTIFUL PERFECT pics. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! My hand hurts of typing so much Wink

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azabro First Officer

those may be crazy angles to you Cheeky, nut they look very impressive to me! Wink

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pilatflyr First Officer

great shots man. active camera or something?

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Qantas_here_I_come Trainee

hehe nice pics

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Stefan (Steve123) Trainee

Nice Angles!

dme43 Guest

I love the 3rd one!!! eyepopping it is!! Shocked Shocked 20/20

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Very artistic hehe... Great shots Exclamation Cheers!

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Those are awesome Cheeky! The fact that they are of the DC-3 just adds it.

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