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Jetstar Baby!

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I seem to have a love affair with Australian jetliners. First it was Virgin Blue's 738, then Qantas' BAe 146, and now I have fallen for Jetstar's 717!

Of course, it is VOZ's fault. I love the continents new textures so much that I simply have to explore, and while I spend most my time low and slow in GA, sometimes I feel the need for a break, and "big iron" it between the incredibly detailed urban centers.

I had spent most of my day revising for tomorrows Physics exam, but when I sat myself down to watch a bit of TV this evening, I opened up my listing guide and found this advert:

I remembered that recently, ZK-MAT had posted a collection of screenies of a Jetstar 717, and that I had downloaded it as I liked the look of it, yet not taken it for a spin yet. Well, this evening was a perfect time for a short hop in the jet, so I loaded up the VOZ south east textures, and created an early morning IFR flight plan from Adelaide to Melbourne, a gentle 1.30 hour trip. Here are 16 screenies I took along the way:

1. Loading up

2. Cleared for takeoff

3. Over the CBD

4. Close up of the Boeing 717

5. Nose view

6. Up and away, over the hills

7. Climbing to flight level 210

8. Cruising at 30,000 feet

9. Into the sun

10. Check out that contrail!

11. Bloody Victorian ATC 😛

12. Descending in to appoach YMML

13. On finals for runway 27

14. Seconds from touch down

15. Exiting the runway

16. Parked at gate 8

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Karlw Chief Captain

very nice I now like the jetstar 717 lol


cheers 🙂

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

10/10????? nah.....12/10

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Qantas_here_I_come Trainee

Nice I love jetstar and qantas AND virgin to lol whered you get the a/c from and the caterers van? and also the baggage carrier things?

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