PIC 737: should I?

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Hello all,

I've been recently thinking about purchasing the PIC 737 - you know, the one from Wilco? Now before parting with my christmas money, do any of you have it? If so, could you give me some info on the frame rates? I hear they're fine, but I just wanna be reassured a little bit. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

Oh yeah, here are my specs:

Intel Pentium 4 processor, 2.66 Ghz
SeaGate 300GB Hard Drive 7500 RPM
Radeon X9250 Video Card
About 1GB of RAM

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Do you have PMDG 737??If no then you would like to own PMDG 737 NG over PIC 737..and many members would suggest you the same.PMDG produces very high quality aircrafts....You would want to check for their aircrafts....

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Yeah the PMDG 737 is the real deal. Really nice plane. That's just as real as it get's.

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