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What exaclt is Team Speak? Is this just a server that lets you talk with other people via an assigned IP address/dedicated server?

I didn't get much from the website as far as info.

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A few of my friends that play CoD & MoH use it.
They have their own server, each downloaded the software and are able to talk to each other as they kill each other.
You have to fly on a server that has been set up for it...I think. 🙄


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I use TS, i play MoH, CoD, Battlefield, you name it. You just use TS and it runs behind the game...once u have a server or u play on someone elses, its a totally independent program.

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In the FPS gametype I've not yet come across a more popular program to be honest.
Being a MoH addict, I use it a lot as well, also have had my own game and TS servers etc. in the past; it's easy to use, very reliable, doesn't lag, high quality....easy to administer.
Particularly for groups of people, I can only recommend it.

Yes you will indeed need a server that hosts it, although there are hundreds of public unused servers you could join.

What's commonly used with FS9 for voicecomms...??



For VoiceComms, FS9 use TSCom Set... that software should be created by you or your TS Server Admin for IP Addresses and Frequency Sets.

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we use teamspeak it very useful and fun and it free to download and connecut up to our groups server

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