How did it start for YOU?

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good evening, good morning, and good afternoon gents! (i need a new line, don't i.)

well, as you all know, the next generation of flight simulator is upon us now. and i have long been debating the issue, "what now?" Is it really time for me to say goodbye to the technology of 2003 and upgrade my sim (and my system) to meet the new higher standard? Well, the answer is yes and no.

First off, Flight Simulator 1998 was where I started. Just a little 8 year old, flying whenever he could in his Bell Jetranger helicopter in the virtual skies. I upgraded to Flight Simulator 2000 as soon as it came out, and found myself flying the concorde day in and day out. Sometimes I didn't get to bed until (can you believe it!) 10 at night...with school the next day! But then the breach came. A couple years later when 2002 showed up, I quickly bought it. But my computer was not up to the new standard that the game required. I stopped playing for a while and found other interests, like breakdancing and what not. But then my 21 year old cousin asked me if I still did any of that stuff. I said no. He wasn't playing much either, but that love for the game was still there. So he started playing, and once I got my second computer in 2002, I realized that I could still play this game.

Now, almost four years later, I've just completed my 800th hour in my flight simulation carreer during a flight from Dallas to San Francisco. This being a personal milestone, I decided to try it for real and see. The game in itself is very similar to the real life thing! I am now looking forward to training for my pilot's license as a 16 year old.

So what's the goddamn point of all of this rambling? 😀 don't really know. But when I opened my christmas presents to find FSX Deluxe Edition, I thought, "wait...does this mean that I need to get ANOTHER COMPUTER? Will I be stuck with the same problem and phase out? ...again?" The answear, of course, is no. I have recently bought a 300 GB hard drive and I'm also continuously upgrading my system in order to meet the demands. But all I really mean to say is that you don't have to completely give up on FS2004. Frankly, it's prolly where a lot of us started around here. So I ask you all, why the hell did we get started in this game?

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i got interested in anything that flies after my first overseas trip in 1996 when I was just a wee fella (4 years old), and then i went again in 2000, and once more in 2005. I have always liked planes, airports and flying since I was little, and the closest I could get to it was a flight simulator. I then downloaded "Flight Gear", a freeware flight simulator, but then after seeing all the addons available for fs9, I brought it for $40, and away I went 😎

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I got intrested when my dad was on an md-88 pulling up at night when I saw all te lights the jetwayys the noise everything I new from then on there I would love planes for the rest of my life

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One day I was at my friends house, and he happened to have flight simulator 98. His dad was a military pilot, so he had a copy of it. I flew it one day when I was over there, and I was instantly hooked. As soon as I got into the car to go home, I instantly told my mom about the experience. We went down to the store, and to my surprise, they didn't have it! What they did have is flight simulator 2002! So I bought that, and I enjoyed it amazingly so much. As soon as FS2004 came out, I went down and bought it. I installed it on a laptop (this was before I had my own computer), and the framerates were not that good, but man was I happy that I have the new version of Flight Sim! And I've been playing that for the past 2-3 years, and Now here I am. I am getting computer parts for my b-day in June so I can build my own fast computer, and at that time, I will also be getting FSX, because my new computer can handle it. So actually it's been like 3-4 years since I first started at about 9 years old, and now I am 12 years old.

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I'm not even sure how I got into the world of flight simulation.

I too have always had a fascination for everything that flies, although I've never really pursued this interest until just before my 20's.

After leaving highschool, I got the opportunity to start working for a company that operates worldwide, and needed to travel abroad quite frequently. It wasn't until my first flight from Munich back to Amsterdam (I had just turned 20 at that time) which was in a CRJ-900 if I remember correctly, that I really got enthusiastic about aviation.

By that time I had copy of FS98 and another flightsim I believe was called Ultimate Flight II or something like that, which I had been playing on and off, but again never really fanatically.

After having experienced my first real flight, thats when I got my copy of FS9 and started looking into how everything is actually done in the real world out there.

Will I ever take flying lessons and go for my own license? Who knows...
The idea of a career in aviation is very appealing, and the experience of flying yourself must be a thrill, but being where I am today, with work, bills and the regular stuff, it's hard to imagine tearing myself away from the path I am on now, and go a complete different direction.

But who knows what the future holds.. 🙂

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I got into aircraft after a trip to greece as a 9 year old. What aircraft i hear you ask. A Boenig 757 rocket- ship. I had a commadore amiga at the time and my gran got me the stand alone flight sim A320 and that was it hooked.

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i was interested in flying sice i was little. My first experiance in a flight simulator is when i played CFS at a friend's house. A few years later i had a new computer and FS 2002. Then came CFS3 at Christmas in 03.
In 2004 at christmas time i opened a present and discovered inside was FS2004. A few months later i got IL2 Sturmovik. A few years later in 06 i got Pacific Fighters and FSX. Then for cristmas of 06 i got LO-MAC and Wings of War.

Jamie4590 Guest

I had dabbled with flight sims but never seriously until last Christmas my bro bought me Flight Unlimited III.

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Tartanaviation First Officer

My sister and I got tickets for Christmas from my cousin to go down and spend the weekend with him and his girlfriend in London. This was a Friday night in January 1998 with BA. Whilst over Manchester, due to the flight being extremely quiet, the cabin stewardess spoke my sister and I. We were allowed to go down into the cockpit. I got to sit in the cockpit all the way through the decent, descent over London, approach, landing and taxi to shutdown. It was an unbelievable experience that i will always remember.

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antone First Officer

I've been fascinated by planes all my life. This came to a head when we visited (as a family) Mallorca in 1980, me aged 8. I cried for days after we got off the plane in Glasgow.

I only got flight sim a few months ago when I emmigrated to the USA - I was waiting for a work permit and didn't have a lot to do, so I thought "ah, what the heck, I'll have a go".

I suppose I don't take it as seriously as many here since there's little chance I'll ever make a living flying planes, but a PPL is still a distinct possibilty. My age (34 now, about 40 by the time I could get an ATPL pretty much rules me out) and even my PPK could possibly be jeopardised by a history of alcoholism. I hope not, I've been sober a few years, but you never know...

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TartanAviation, That sounds amazing. What aircraft was it?

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Tartanaviation First Officer

I can't say for sure as my knowledge of aircraft was very small back then. From what i can remember in terms of size of the aircraft it was just a good bit bigger than the 737 range. I am positive that it was a Boeing aircraft. I could only hazard a guess at it being something along the lines of

1 - 767 - 200
2 - 757 - 200

One major point that sticks out in my mind from the flight was the taxi lighting system. It was very impressive to see it all working.

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Well, the first flightsim I got was Warbirds with a joystick, a World War II airplanes in an artificial world. Must've probably got it when my parents were divorced i think. Then I got Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator and I wasn't really hooked with it at that time-more hooked to warbirds. After that, I got another WWII fighter plane game-Jane's WWII Fighters This was the fighterplanesim that I liked the most. Later, My dad bought me Fly!, my first civil, non-military flightsim. I was hooked with it so much that everytime I go to my dad's house, I looked foward to playing his flightsim. Unfortunately, around this time the computer can't handle all the graphics so the computer keeps crashing and freezing. So eventually, the system was broken. It wasn't till late February 2006 I got FS2004. and it was at my house, not my dad's house. All of the flightsims except fs2004 was at my dad's house. I was very addicted to it. In Late August 2006, I learned that I can download aircraft, scenery, etc. into my flightsim and took advantage of it. Finally, in Near the end of 2006, I got a joystick installed to fs2004. long history isn't it?

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mossy First Officer

I have always loved planes. I fist played flight sim at a friends house about 2 years ago, when fs9 was just out. I loved it and spent hours at his house playing flight sim but slowly went off it.
Around febuary 2006 I went in a flight to Israel on a 737 with el al. It was a charter flight and very uncomfortable but I loved every minute. I bought fs9 as soon as I got home.
As for a career in aviation...I would like to fly commercial aircraft, and have been trying to get involved in the air cadets to start real flying as soon as I can (they do glider and simulator training,) but training is a huge fee straight out of uni, and I would have only three possible ways to pay it: borrow/ be given money by my parents, get a huge loan (which would be near impossible,) or get a degree at Oxbridge or other really good unis, and see if this is enought to persuade an airline to sponser me through training. All of these seem quite unlikely, although I dont think it would be impossible.

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I guess its started since I was a baby......My mom always telling me that when I was a baby and she was walking with me outside, I was always looking at the sky, after 2 years my first flight was to Israel, TU154 aircraft my dad told me, but I was so small that didnt understand about it. then when I was 6 years old we flue to germany, B737 EL AL, and since then I even remember I liked planes, couldnt live without it, and I said to my parents I want to be a pilot, my mother said "you wanna kill me now or later?" My parents were always against it, all my 12 years living in beutiful Israel, every year I was flying to europe I was in (France,Italy,Austry,2xGermany,2xCzech republic,Moldova,Turky,Cyprus,Dominicanrepublic,Canada,Mexico) I was flying alot and couldnt get off the window in the plane, Untill now, but 2 years before, when I emmigrated toi Canada, my parents had friends in Toronto, and their son is Air Canada pilot, once I meat him he said he is a pilot, I was like a dead body couldnt talk couldnt do nothing, I was just thinking thats my moment to ask questions 😂 He showed me FS2004 and all his REAL joystics that you will buy nowhere, and the game, I liked the game so much, because in Israel I didnt even know about MFS and I so wanted to get a Simulation game, and this is how its started from FS2004 to FSX, and I can be proud of my self that I am going to Air Cadets (flying School) and I got promoted for Corprol !, only one I wish to everybody who wants to be pilot its LUCK ! good luck to you guys !

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yeah, follow your dreams, man. I'm working on it now myself and it's so much fun. We owe a boatload to microsoft lol

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I got interested in civilian flight after my first Holidays on Fuerteventura. I was 5 years old and fascinated all over.. 😀

After I had seen the Movie " Top gun", I felt in love with the F-14 Tomcat, and this love still lasts.. Some girls came and went by, but the Tomcat is still my favourite.. Am I sick? 😳

The Brother of a good friend of mine is infected by the Flight Simulator, and I tried it under his instructions..

After that I had to buy me the Flight Sim and the Joystick and , yes, I`m infected , too.. absolutely!! 😀

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