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B 737 with all the bells...but where?

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I was wondering if anybody could point me a to a goo 737-800 with all the trimmings stairs, moveable doors, cabin view etc.
I am using the Kittyhawk 737-800 Hapag Lloyd which is really great. However if I could have the same with stairs, cabin view and meaybe even correct sound then that would be even better.

Which is the best 737 out there (freeware)? I have the PMDG737-800-Winglets (purchased) but find it complicated to fly. Is there anyting as pleasant to look at but easy as the standard 737 to fly?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I think the problem you have is that the ones that look great, also tend to be really complex too.....

I know exacltly what you mean, as I really want a CONCORDE, that has all the visual appeal, the ability to go Supersonic, but where it doesn't take 4 hours to learn how to switch the engines on, and where the plane has irritable alarms if you take-off with the Flaps at 10 degrees, instead of 5 degrees.

I persisted with the PMDG 737 NG series and two things happened :-

- I learned to operate it to it's full potential, which amazed me (ie. FMC)

- I learned loads more that I have with any other aircraft about flying airliners, victor airways, waypoints, routing, APUs, etc, etc

... but it all comes down to having the time and inclination to persist until you crack it.

I've often thought that all add-ons should have a "full" and a "Simple" version of them.... you can use the "Simple" at first just to see the plane and hand fly it, then you can learn the systems and start to use the "full" version.


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