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Panels: a few questions

Pro Member Trainee
abaris Trainee

There are a lot of panels around, mostly without readme files. Now, I would like to install the photorealistic ones, but all I get if I do are many gauges errors and a missing or void virtual cockpit.

Is there any rule to what I should replace or not. Should I overwrite the original gauges, should I overwrite the panel cfg?

Pro Member First Officer
Riclo First Officer

Cool Aloha Abaris, Well if your installing a custom panel that you d/ldd
from the net you should get gau. files with it (gauges) these must be put in the Main Gauges file of 2004 to show up in the panel you have installed.
Just be sure to name the old panel file something like (panel_old)so that you can replace it if the need arises,and as to the missing VC, I not sure
but when you replace the panel file you cut the link to the VC as it is now
a different panel. Hope this helps, Ric

Pro Member Trainee
abaris Trainee

Yep, I do replace the gauges - and that seems to be the problem. Today I tried a 737. Looks good, but during startup, there are at least 10 gauges errors and a VC, that only shows a blank grey panel.

Pro Member First Officer
Riclo First Officer

Okay! I think I know what the problem is, you replace the panel, not the
gauges,as most designers tend to use the exsisting gauges that came with the sim and then add any updated gauges that may be relevent to that particular model. So what I'm saying is just add the gauges and see
if there are any overwrites. that may solve your gauge problems.
Let me know if it works. Brother Flyer. Ric

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