default learjet + doors.

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I was flying the default fs learjet for cargo pilot, and by accident I opened one of the main doors, but couldn't close it. could someone please tell me how to close it.
also: I cant find the fuel control thing on this aircraft (the control that lets the pilot select what tank is being used)
The plane always goes through the floor of the runway when it lands and crashes. my landings aren't that great but I have never had this problem before
I cant get it to go straight on takeoff...I spend ages, and tons of runway lining it up but can't seen to get it right. Is this me or the plane?

The lear never picks up ILS. When I put it in virtual cockpit mode i see a switch near the top right of the panel with some things like nav written next to it. this is set to off. could this be the problem?

Thanks for all your help.

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1. Doors Shift+E+1 (additional door E2 etc)
2. Have not flown th learjet in a while so do remember off the top of my head if you walk through the window pressing shift+1, shift+2 etc you will probably find the fuel controls.
3. don't quite understand what you mean with your landing problems.
4. To pick up the ILS you need the correct frequency, and the NAV/GPS
switch in the NAV position. You will find the radio stack as you walk through the windows to verify position.

hope this helps

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I didnt explain the landing problems very clearly, I will try again. I come down touchdown (if anyone knows where the airbrake is in the learjet it would be very useful, I find it difficult to slow down enough.) When I touchdown the fornt whell of the plane goes through the floor of the runway, the nose hits the floor and a crash sign comes up. Is this my (not very good) landing skills, or is it a problem with my flight sim?

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The problem is not with FS itself I do not think. I would assume you are coming in too fast. You need to aim to be doing about 145KIAS on your final approach and touch down around 135KIAS on landing. Make sure you flare enough as well. I usually flare between 5 and 7 degrees depending on my speed. Make sure you have a stable touch down at controlled speed on your landing gear and then role out onto the nose wheel.
As for controlling your speed, you can only really use flaps to slow down on the default Learjet, and it is all a matter or timing of the flaps mixed with use of throttle. Arm the spoilers before you touch down so they will deploy as soon as you land on the gear. (SHIFT+/)
Hope this helps.

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thankyou for your help

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