The Christmas Miracle!

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Monday was Christmas Day and I arrvived at O'hare airport in Chicago to begin my trip to Providence RI to visit my mother and sister. It was a 2-leg flight via NW Airlines with a stop in Detroit to change planes. The O'hare departure was 90 minutes late, so I was put on a United Airlines flight which would allow me to still make the connection in Detroit.
Looking out the window as we landed in Detroit I got a sinking feeling. Detroit is a sprawling airport. What if Northwest and United are in different terminals? Bingo! Of course they were. The UA flight arrived at 1PM but the NW flight boarded at 1:10. I had to go outside and board a shuttle bus to the NW terminal to make my connection and - go through security all over again! It was a long shuttle ride on the highway and every stop sign made me groan in agony, but there was no security line when I got off, and it was still 1:25 when I put my shoes back on. I had to reach gate A-2 - but of course I was now at gate A-30. I could either use the escalator to take the tram to A-2 or risk it on foot. I opted to make the run for it. My pants started to fall down and I was running with one hand holding them up and the other grasping the carry-on bag. It was like a 95-yard field goal return - only 4 times longer. Well, the Christmas Miracle is I got on the plane - soaked in sweat and out of breath and the gate attendant the only one in sight. Never count yourself out - especially on Christmas day!

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now THAT would be funny to see 😂

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