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Hey! Good day,
I wonder if somebody can explain why I can't level ground at some locations....
I was trying to place a Helipad ( see ) somewhere in the FS9-scenery, where initially nothing has been designed, but I wanted to make something there and started with an helipad, to see wether everything is fine there...
I used Afcad and Flattex to level, to place everything there at the same 132ft altitude, initially. But, that did not work: always part of the helipad was invisible, according to what the looking direction to was. Afterwards I tried different altitudes for all elements the same, and even also slighly different for different elements ( altitude of airport, helipad, flatten the area, etcetera.. ) but nothing worked.
Such things happened before on other locations of the FS9 scenery, and I had no explanation at all for this.
Is there anybody who can explai why this happens?

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