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Aircraft G stress (not working?)

Bob_xx Guest

Hi, I recently bought FSX and it seems that the realism setting for some aircraft does not work .... that is, unless you can pull 6-7Gs in a C172, which I don't think so!? overspeed still breaks the plane but over G does not. It ruins all the fun for me Evil or Very Mad

I have the realism setting set to max ( hard + gyro ). Some airplanes do overstress but some just don't. Is there something I can do to fix it? Also, can anyone try flying a C172 and try pulling high G's to see if it's just a problem with my game/install. I don't overstress my planes but knowing that it doesn't work is just annoying. Anyone? Thanks.

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Karlw Captain

actually I am a pilot in training as of the day before yesterday and I noticed that the g chart for the cessna skyhawk went up to 7 althou I just started im not 100% sure yet

Hope that helps

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Well breaking a 172 was an assignment I didn't want to pass up Wink I set my crash tolerance to realistic and turned on the g-stress. Climbed to 4000 feet. I took it into a dive straight down and waited until the airspeed was pegged then pulled up rapidly. It broke pretty quickly.

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