Fly Away Simulation

Continental Flight 106, Los Angeles To San Francisco Level-D

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pilatflyr First Officer

The aircraft, parked at the gate

The LAX scenery off of avsim, really great package!

Look! The APU just powered up! packs auto, iso switches on...

Taxiing to 7L

Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff.

And we're off!

Positive climb, gear up please

LNAV and VNAV are engaged as we exit the SID

Boredom has set in.

Coming back down...

We're over the bridge, gear down...and to hell with the CATIII, it's a full manual

Touchdown, my first manual landing with this aircraft!

The last flight for 2006 is in the books. Happy new year everyone!

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Qantas_here_I_come Trainee

great pics I like the last one best Very Happy

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Nice shots! Thumbs Up!

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