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What is the deal with all of the bad language and idiotic comments on the screenshots.

It says at the bottom that some words are auto-censored but that doesn't seem to be happening.

Maybe the option to make comments should no longer be available as there are rarely any constructive or at least intelligent words written.

People seem to take great joy in thinking of all the worst possible things to say about images that enthusiasts have gone to great trouble to capture.

Those screenshots are not put there for people to use in their never-ending crusade to diminish their already terrible vocabulary and social skills.

Be considerate folks. Admire the pics for the reason they are be looked at and enjoyed; not to be verbally assaulted.

If these comments cannot be cleaned up and made constructive or at the very least, intelligent...then perhaps Site Admin should no longer leave that option to us.

Maybe I'm just fond of old time courtesy or maybe I just like to see people display a little respect.

Thanks to those with the decency to be kind and considerate.

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I second that

Some of the comments are incredibly infantile and very often the whole comments section is spoilt by some stupid argument

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It's mostly the older shots, the ones that are placed a year or so ago have to be placed by members only not guests.
If there are objectionable comments at least you know who made them and should hold them responsible for their language and overall deportment.


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