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What to do next after all missions (about 30) are completed? There is only Free Flight option but there is no radar, copilot which handles all radio communication available in Free Flight? Is that all?

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You can fly anywhere in the world you would like to go. You can learn and practice flying by instruments only. You can practice landings in any of the provided aircraft or aircraft that you download. You can do aerobatics. You can learn to handle emergencies. You can fly seaplanes and gliders. You can operate into grass strips and mountain strips. Much of what real pilots do can be done within Flight Simulator, the possibilities are wide open. Fly in Hawaii, the Alps. See the Pyramids. Find Mt. Rushmore, the Hoover Dam. Fly thru The Arch in St. Louis, MO. Fly out to Catalina Island(KAVX) off the coast of California. Fly to Tahiti. Operate at Leadville, Colorado(KLXV) the highest altitude public airport in the US. Use manual mixture and vary ambient temperature to experience density altitude effects. Fly in the mountains of Ecuador. Fly all over Europe. Fly under the Golden State Bridge in San Francisco. Checkout the NASA landing facility in Florida(X6😎

Flight Simulator isn't like other GAMES, it never ends and the possibilities are endless. With a little imagination and research you can have a great time. 🙂


Having a private pilot's certificate I've often wondered if I could get an airliner on the ground in one piece if the pilots were incapacitated. Using FS X and the Boeing 737-800 simulation I'm able to practice that scenario. The first few times weren't pretty, but now I'm able to land safely (not smoothly) more times than not. I decided long ago if ever faced with that situation I'd let the autopilot do the flying, I'd just feed it with info. If I had the fuel available I'd heard for Edwards AFB and attempt the landing on the dry lake bed. On the east coast I'd go for the NASA shuttle landing facility - 100 yards wide and three miles long - or the abandoned jet port out in the middle of the Everglades. At any of those locations the chances of killing people on the ground if I screw up is minimized. I've practiced the Edwards and NASA scenarios with FS X.

I'd love to see someone do a space shuttle add-on for FS X.

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