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Ok, First I would like to say happy new year to everyone. I am new to the whole Virtual Airline business and I would like to try my hand at creating my own virtual airline!!! Well the first thing you need to create a fleet are airplanes right?!?

I have not come up with a name for the airline or whether i will be "operating as" a major carrier yet, i will figure that out once I can get an answer to this question.....

How or where can i get a custom repaint for FSX planes? I would like to start a regional airline at first (CRJ/ERJ's) then maybe fly longer flights (Boeings).

When I come up with a color scheme and name for the airline, where do I go to have it created and painted on an FSX airplane?

Any help would be appreciated!

Sean Jackson
CEO of Unnamed Airlines

Guest Guest

"]... for the B747 (BA)
Very Happy Only if you like Very Happy you may have the new Texture I developped, e-mail me (email address in image Twisted Evil )
MarkThis Cool

PS. Only for FSX!

Also a designer? Download and install the FSX SDK upgrade!

You need to install FSX SDK (is on the DVD too) and read the help -pages, then you come back and ask me how, ok? Laughing

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