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I havent played Flight Simulator in a while and am downloading the demo for FSX to see if it really is a big improvement over FS2k4 and worth buying. I heard that there are missions now, but I was hoping there would be another feature...

I have a truck simulator game on my computer. Instead of just pointlessly driving around on roads with no intentions (as I did on the old flight sim games), in this game I actually receive money for delivering freight on time. You build up a company and get more and more money for successfully delivering goods around areas of the US.

Is there any such feature in FSX or as an add-on download? I think it would be a lot more fun if the same concept existed in Flight sim as in that truck game I have (I forget exactly what its called). Maybe just starting out buying a cessna and transporting people to assigned destinations, making money, and then expanding your airline, eventually being able to purchase 767s and such. It would be an optional feature; if you wanted to just freefly around, you could.

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Dude there is a game like that i forgot what it was called it was on an ad on this site i think it was something "cargo"

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Awesome! This was exactly the type of program I was looking for, thanks for making me aware of its existance!

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