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So... I got tired of sponging on other people, so I've decided to make an attempt to make a few aircraft myself... Had a few problems installing the sdk, but I finally got it right, along with Gmax. Only thing is, I don't see any shortcut on my desktop or an .exe file in the sdk folder or anything else... so... How do I run it? 😂 Embarassed

Also, I've been searching the web for some good tutorials to get myself going, but I haven't found any... Would anyone know a good one? Just like an introduction to the program.


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So the fsx sdk is just a plugin or something for gmax? I thought it was a seperate program that just made use of Gmax?

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Gmax.exe is your executable for the SDK. It normally installs in your root directory rather than the program files folder. Although the "help" is not all that helpful, the online help at their site is. I'm learning more with time, but it takes some serious effort to accomplish design work. Good Luck.

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